How does Ayrton's nephew find the car?
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McLaren made a bold decision with its latest track-only super-sports car. Rather than following its own convention and deriving a badge from the car's power output, it instead turned to one of the most famous racers in motorsport history – Ayrton Senna – for inspiration.

The legendary Brazilian driver is no longer with us, but McLaren turned to his nephew, Bruno Senna, to help carry on the legacy.

Power comes from a twin-turbo V8 engine making 588kW and 800Nm, and the car weighs in at just 1198kg – 60kg more than the legendary F1.

While it's technically road-legal, McLaren has done the bare minimum to make the Senna comfortable. It's essentially designed to get you to the track without requiring a trailer, although some owners will no doubt use one anyway.

Once you've arrived at the circuit, there's a Track Mode to lower the ride height by 50mm and increase downforce – something also offered on the P1, not to mention the Ford GT.

The central Monocage 3 carbon-fibre tub is 18kg lighter than before, and all non-structural body panel are made of thinner carbon than is normal. Even the centre-lock wheels are lighter than previous McLaren offerings, in an attempt to make the Senna quicker around the track.

So, does Bruno think the car is a fitting tribute? Watch the video to find out.