As part of a five-track run of front-drive records
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Honda made a big song-and-dance of the Civic Type R's record run around the Nurburgring Nordschleife last year. Unsatisfied, the company pledged to take the manic front-drive racer on a tour of Europe's most famous racetracks, in search of more glory.

First cab off the rank was the Magny-Cours GP circuit. Piloted by World Touring Car Racing (WTCR) driver Esteban Gurrieri, the Civic Type R lapped the classic French circuit in 2:01.51, toppling the 2:06.44 record it set in an FK2 Type R two years ago.

"The best thing about the Type R is that it gives you confidence. It’s very responsive and gives you good feedback," Gurrieri said of the car.

"People call the Type R the ultimate performance hot hatch and we proved today that it really is; the car continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible from front wheel drive."

It's worth bearing in mind, Gurrieri was backed by Honda to make the record happen – he's unlikely to say mean things about the car.

Following the Magny Cours lap, Honda will take the Civic Type R to Estoril, the Hungaroring, Silverstone and Spa Francorchamp in search of new front-wheel drive records.

Check out the flying French lap in the video above.