London-based film and digital agency, Gaucho production, has produced this 90 second launch film for the new Honda CR-Z Hybrid.
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Commissioned by Honda Motor Europe, the film debuted at the international press launch of the Honda CR-Z and will be used as part of the car's upcoming television marketing campaign in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.Honda told producers that the film was to be brief, but emotive and was to capture the dynamic, aesthetic and environmental qualities of their first sporty hybrid. The production agency worked closely with Honda to develop the concept of a surreal drive.

"The unusual concept of a stylish, sporty hybrid offered us a great opportunity to push the boundaries," explains Alistair Weaver, managing director of Gaucho Productions."Although this is a fantasy drive we wanted to make it look as real as possible, which meant creating our own laser light show on the Spanish coast."The Honda CR-Z is a fun, engaging car and we’re confident we’ve captured its unique spirit in a film that challenges and entertains."

The film's unspoken narrative tells of an epic journey beginning at dawn and continuing in to the night. The film uses a combination of HD and red cameras, smoke, mirrors and laser light to alter the viewer's perception of reality.

Additional light trails and three-dimensional graphics were overlaid in London, England, together with a specially commissioned musical score.

"Gaucho have now produced a series of launch films for us and we’re always impressed by their creativity, dedication and attention to detail," said Laura Price, social media manager, Honda Motor Europe."They’re great to work with and it’s always a delight to arrive on set and see our latest creation take shape."The CR-Z is a very important car for Honda and this film communicates our core messages in a stylish, innovative and successful way."

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