Sign range-topping crossover may be heading for production
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The Lexus LQ name has been trademarked with the US Patent and Trademark Office by the luxury marque.

The 'L'-line has been reserved for top-tier models over the brand's 30-year lifespan, hinting Lexus is seriously contemplating a new car to sit alongside the existing LS sedan, LC coupe, and LX SUV.

While the LS and LC ride on the company's latest GA-L passenger car platform, the LX is based on the Toyota LandCruiser.

Up until now, Lexus has used the 'X' suffix for its crossovers and SUVs, with the line soon to stretch from the small UX through the NX and RX to the Prado-based GX and the aforementioned LX.

The existence of the LX and its usage of the 'X' suffix may be the driving force behind Lexus' potential adoption of a new letter.

If the LQ name is used for the production version of the LF-1 Limitless, and the car is judged to be a success, the 'Q' suffix could be used for more crossover "coupes" — think RQ, NQ and UQ.

As we always note in articles about trademark filings, a new trademark doesn't necessarily mean a new product is in the works or, even if it is, that it will see the light of day.