French website relays official statement
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Volkswagen will reportedly be ditching the Paris motor show in October, making it the latest manufacturer to join the absentee list of a major automotive event.

In a statement made by the company's French division – posted by AutoActu – it appears Volkswagen could instead organise Paris-based launch and test drive events for new models that would have otherwise debuted at the motor show.

"The Volkswagen brand continually reassesses the relevance of its participation in international car shows. This assessment is mainly based on scenarios and launch campaigns for new products.

After studying its communication actions for 2018, the brand concluded that it would not participate in the Paris motor show with its own stand, opting instead for one-off events related to products.

However, even in the absence of stand, the Volkswagen brand is assessing being present in Paris for the show through different communication actions in the city (vehicle test) as part of the global device," – mind you, this has been roughly translated from French.

Despite the absence of Volkswagen, the Group's other brands are currently locked in for the Paris event, including Audi, Porsche, Seat and Skoda. Other brands not attending the Paris motor show include Ford, Opel and Nissan.

The announcement also raises a question for the reveal of the T-Cross baby SUV, which is due to hit the European market later this year despite not having debuted in production form yet.

Going by Volkswagen's statement, it could instead use the French capital as the destination for its little crossover's reveal at a standalone event, ahead of the scheduled market launch.