The results probably won't surprise you
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Formula E isn't the only race series with its sights set on transforming the world of motorsport. The fully-autonomous Roborace category is aiming to take the focus off humans and put it onto self-driving technology with a futuristic, sci-fi inspired racer.

Before we get to see the dog-bone shaped driverless racer in action, the Roborace team is honing its sensors and software with a pair of cut-and-shut Devbots. These pared-back prototypes have completed laps in anger, crashed and taken on humans to promote the series.

The latest human challenger? Ryan Tuerck, a professional drifter, and the all-autonomous racer faced off on the streets of Rome. Last time autonomy and humanity clashed, Formula E pit reporter Nicki Shields beat the DevBot by eight seconds in Hong Kong.

Even though it was beaten, the development team was pleased with how consistent the car was. How did it fare this time?

We won't spoil the video, but suffice to say one of the competitors has some serious work to do.

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