But it'll be next year before air suspension is available
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Elon Musk has confirmed the order books will open for dual-motor and performance-oriented Model 3 variants this week, with production to start in July.

The news was announced (surprise surprise) on Twitter, and matches an April tweet claiming the expanded line-up would be available from "probably July". Elon Musk's latest 280-character blast also confirmed air suspension won't be available until next year.

Only one Tesla Model 3 is currently offered: the long-range with rear-wheel drive and black leather trim. Full specifications haven't been confirmed, but the dual-motor will likely offer similar range to the current rear-drive range-topper. Currently, that car will do 500km on a charge.

Given the Model S and Model X ranges, you'd expect the dual-motor performance model to be a few tenths quicker to 100km/h than the regular car. There's no word on whether we'll see a Model 3 with Ludicrous Mode, although our fingers are well-and-truly crossed.

Tesla is planning to ramp its production to 5000 cars per week by the start of 2018's third quarter, with the number of cars rolling off the production line to grow aggressively over the next two months.

It's worth bearing in mind, no concrete guarantees were given that 5000 per month goal would be met.