Owner Reviews: Best of April

Well done to our winners this month!
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We love Owner Reviews at CarAdvice. After all, the people who slapped down their hard-earned money on a car are, arguably, best qualified to tell the world what they’re like!

Here are our favourites from April, along with our Top 3 prize winners: Lachlan, Nathan and Lx.

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Lachlan, 2013 Infiniti G37 S Premium

Lachlan is under no illusions about Infiniti in Australia. The brand has struggled since launching here, having touched down with an out-of-date range and high prices. But as a used proposition? The G37 is unique, fast and fun.

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Nathan, 2013 Toyota LandCruiser Prado

With seven seats, tons of space and a comfortable driver's seat, the LandCruiser Prado is perfect for people who are travelling long distances. Nathan loves the aftermarket support and off-road capability, but the car isn't perfect.

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Lx, 2011 Ford Fiesta LX

The Fiesta is a small car offering a fun drive, decent space and more buttons than even the most devout Nokia fan could ever dream of. There's one big problem, though – that damn PowerShift gearbox.

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Bruce, 2006 Audi A3 Sportback

It's red and European, and there's more than 200,000km on the odometer. What on earth was Bruce thinking? Well, he says he isn't mad – instead, he's busting Euro myths, one service at a time.

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TJ, 1972 Holden Torana GTR XU-1

Ever sold a car and instantly regretted it? TJ knows that feeling, having owned and sold a Torana almost three decades ago. It's not a genuine Brock car, but his second attempt looks very similar. Think of it as a twin sister.

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Peter, 1993 Ferrari 348 TS

Lets get the obvious out of the way: the TS isn't cheap to insure. But it's red and Italian, with a pure no-power-steering or airbag driving experience. Peter also goes to great lengths to defend the styling, with all its strakes and wedgy shape.

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David, 2007 Holden Astra SRi

"In all, I do love this car. It can go for a fast blast on a quiet Sunday along your favourite roads, but you can live with it every day as well. And yet, because of those stupid long doors, I look forward to replacing the Astra with a car with normal-length doors. My shoes, shins and head can only take so much abuse.

Actually, the new Astra RS looks to fit the bill perfectly."

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Congratulations to Lachlan, Nathan and Lx. Stay tuned, we'll be in touch regarding your prize!