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Customisation is in vogue at the moment, but choice can be seriously confusing. In our new configurator challenge, we’re going to let the CarAdvice team loose on a manufacturer’s website to create their ideal spec of a certain model.

For this edition of the Configurator Challenge, we’re designing our perfect Bentley Continental GT.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and which cars you’d like to see next!

James Wong, Journalist

Bentleys are meant to make a statement, in a loud-yet-understated kind of way – while that sounds like an oxymoron, I'm sure many will agree.

For the exterior, I selected the bespoke Apple Green, with the 21-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels in painted and bright machined finish. I'm a lover of all things green, and the 10-spoke wheels looks classic with their double-star design.

For the inside, I've gone for 'Colour Split B' which adds a two-tone scheme. The 'main hide' is Saddle brown, with Burnt Oak the secondary. Reason? The green/brown combination for the exterior and interior is a classic colour scheme for British cars, I've just gone for a contemporary take on that theme.

Meanwhile, I've selected the Dark Stained Burr Walnut veneer, which I believe goes well with the other two shades of brown already in the interior.

Other cabin options include Comfort Specification for the front seats – which includes increased adjustment ventilation, and massage functions – mood lighting, contrast stitching and piping for the seats, perforated leather for the two-tone steering wheel, contrast emblems in the headrests, and contrast binding for the carpet mats.

Rounding out my specification are the Touring Specification and City Specification packages, because I want the latest driver assistance technologies, welcome home lighting, and a Bang & Olufsen premium audio system.

I won't try to argue that mine is any better or worse than anyone else's – you should know that regardless – but this is definitely the sort of Bentley I can see myself in. Does anyone have a spare $500,000?

Paul Maric, Senior Road Tester

Who would have thought they could make a Bentley Continental look even better? I've gone one step further and given you the perfect configuration — thank me later.

The exterior colour is called Neptune. We had a Bentley Flying Spur a little while back in Damson, which looked stunning. I gave that a crack, but Neptune suits the style of the new Continental GT better.

Wheels are an important aspect of a car, so I've gone with some awesome looking 22-inch Mulliner driving specification wheels. They'll probably ruin the ride, but this is my weekend car.

Inside the cabin I've stepped it up a notch with a variety of depreciation-killing colours. I've opted for First Edition branding, a splash of wood and Damson coloured leather on the lower half.

Max Zhang, Digital Campaign Coordinator

I opted for the Verdant green paint. This generation Bentley has got a timeless look, I think the green colour will age very well.

The 22-inch Mulliner painted alloy wheels are simple, they do not add to or subtract from the exterior presence of the car, and that’s what I prefer.

Cream interior and beige carpet lift the vibe of the cabin. Dark veneer provides a good contrast with light coloured interior, giving it a classy look.

Most importantly, I've ticked the box for the Bang and Olufsen speaker system.

Scott Collie, Journalist

I wasn't a huge fan of the original Bentley Continental GT, but this new model is drop-dead gorgeous. Bentley does a great job with its configurator, too, making this a particularly fun challenge.

Moroccan Blue – reminiscent of the skies above Marrakech, apparently – contrasts nicely with all the requisite Bentley brightwork, and is just light enough to show off the creases and subtle lines on the Continental's flanks. It also really makes the 22-inch alloys (polished, naturally) look even shinier.

Inside, the blue-and-light combination continues with Portland and Damson leather. I've opted for contrast stitching on the seats and carpets, in keeping with the theme outside, along with a heated three-spoke, two-tone steering wheel.

Along with the James Bond-aping three-option central screen, my car has Koa wooden veneers on the dash and centre console as a nod to classic wood-and-leather Bentley design. Apparently, this particular wood is also favoured by surfboard and acoustic guitar makers.

Other options? You'd be mad not to spec the Naim stereo and four-piece luggage set. If you're going to do this, do it properly.

Mike Stevens, Producer & News Editor

Sorry to be boring, but to me a Bentley should be understated in colour, allowing its lines and curves and details to do the talking. Although evolutionary, the new Conti GT wears a wonderful and classic design. Stately, yet powerful and purposeful. I've chosen the Mulliner Driving Specification variant.

For body colour, I've gone with Extreme Silver -- an amusing name that somewhat works against my argument above -- which looks to have a bit of a golden hue to it. "Extreme Silver is the perfect colour to highlight the car's muscular features and let the intricate detailing shine through," Bentley says.

The wheels I've chosen, 22-inch Black and Polished Edge Alloy, are about as much flair as I can stomach on a Bentley. A speedy design, with a tasteful two-tone look.

My Dull McDullness vibes continue in the cabin, where I've matched the dark, warm shades of 'Damson' and 'Burnt Oak' leathers against a Grand Black and Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus veneer -- the latter the subtlest wood option I could find, and you've actually got no choice but to include some wood! Bentley gonna Bentley.

Mandy Turner, Podcast Host & Road Tester

What a looker this Bentley is. Those sleek lines and muscular haunches, all in a luxurious sporty package. Yum.

Seeing as I have two rose gold Apple products, I thought I might match my Bentley in the same colour. Look at me coming across all rich and stuff.

The cabin in a Bentley is nearly more important than the exterior, so you have to get it right, which I hope I have. I've ticked Magnolia as the main hide, and porpoise as the second, along with contrast stitching and piping, and Magnolia carpet to match.

For anyone who can afford one of these, can surely afford to tick almost every option, so that's why I've added Diamond Knurling to the air vents, which according to Bentley, "allows a better grip for more precise control." I don't care what they do, they just look pretty.

Other "look at me, I'm rich" features I've chosen are the four-piece luggage set and the Bentley rotating display, which swivels on startup between a 12.3-inch touchscreen and analogue dials. Because Bentley.

So. Much. Want.

Kez Casey, Road Tester

Oh the conflict, do I make a stand-out aggressor of my Bentley Continental, or should I save that for the eventual Supersports version when it arrives? Okay subtlety it is, but my kind of subtlety.

Every high-end luxo special seems to have some kind of far-reaching inspirational backstory, so I’ve elected to make the ‘Designed by Kez Edition’ look like an outback sunset.

Passion Pink paint and a set of subtle 21-inch painted and machined wheels invoke a moment before the sun dips below the horizon and the stars come out to play. Or something.

Inside Linen and Porpoise coloured hides reminiscent of iron and industry continue the outback theme. Fiddleback Eucalyptus over piano Black veneer also stamps an Aussie vibe. How am I doing so far with this nonsense marketing speak?

Then, themes be damned, I’m including a spree of options like contrasting piping and stitching, a two-tone “indented” leather steering wheel, leather headlining, and diamond-knurled air vents.

All it really needs is a catchy name, y’reckon the Bentley by Barbie gives the right rural Australian vibe, or will I get a stern talking to from Mattel’s layers for some potential similarities to a certain doll’s Corvette?

Adam Morris, Contributor

Is it just me or does the new Conti GT look like some thing from either a 1920’s Sci Fi or Gatsby style movie? It has to be one of the most stylish and classy vehicles available, ever.

To almost exaggerate this “taken from a black and white” movie theme, 'my' Continental GT will be in Moonbeam Silver with the Mulliner Driving 22-inch black and polished edge alloy wheels.

I’ve chosen to delete the Bentley lettering from the boot because a Bentley doesn’t need to shout that it’s a Bentley. In my mind, a Bentley should be understated, classy and cool and I think this achieves that.

Inside the understand themes continue with the Colour Split in variety 'E' with the main hide in Cumbrian Green and secondary hide in Beluga, with the veneer in Grand Black and centre console in Cotes de Geneve.

I’ve opted for contrast stitching and piping, along with the Diamond Knurling specification for the other bright work.

The final interior must is the audiophile level Naim sound system. The B&O was tempting but why should one compromise when one is spending this sort of money.

Harrington, Landed Gentry and Special Guest

For this week's Configurator Challenge, I've chosen the new Bentley Continental GT (from $422,000), which is powered by a 423 kW 6.0-litre, twin-turbocharged W12 petroleum distillate engine.

Externally, I've opted for a custom blue hue named “Kingfisher” as it reminds me of the beautiful azure waters of the Med. Complimenting the colour are giant “22-inch Mulliner Driving Specification polished alloy wheels” which, despite their mighty size, still maintain a beautiful ride – this is a Bentley after all.

Rounding out the exterior options are a “Bright Chromed Lower Grill’ to match the imposing upper grille; “LED Welcome Lamps by Mulliner” to proudly project crisp Bentley wings on the ground underneath the doors, useful for ensuring you don't step somewhere the middle class did first.

For the cabin it was initially a somewhat complex affair given there are 405 possible colour combinations. Fortunately, Bentley supplied me with a lovely young interior designer named Genevieve who gently guided me through each combination after I generously gave her for a guided tour of my latest Super Yacht. It always pays to be a gentleman.

In the end I went for the (somewhat simply-named) “Colour Split-E” which gave me the options of a primary and secondary hide. I chose Hotspur and Newmarket Tan.

Genevieve assures me this colour combination portrays a picture of a man who exudes power, demands satisfaction and outwardly exudes generously towards the worlds filthy peasants.

When it comes to interior veneers there are 16 choices and I decided on a simple, conservative single-finish veneer in “Burr Walnut”.

Burr Walnut was chosen for the sole reason that it is harvested only when it is 80 years old! What could be more satisfying than running your fingers over something that was killed in the prime of its life simply to satisfy ones visual and tactile whims?

The centre console has been optioned with a technical finish knows as Côtes de Genève. This is a mechanical finish that adorns the worlds finest wristwatches. Furthermore, to ensure slip free operation, I have optioned “diamond knurling” to all bulls-eye vents, organ stop controls and the clock bezel.

Other minor interior options I have ticked included “Front seat comfort specification”, “Mulliner indented hide headlining”; “contrast stitching and seat piping”; “contrast emblem stitching”; “Heated, Duo-Tone, 3 Spoke Hide Steering Wheel”, “contrast carpet binding”, “Deep pile carpet”; and front/rear cigar lighters.

When it comes to in-car entertainment, I selected the “Bentley rotating display”. This is a veneer panel which rotates to a hidden 12.3” touchscreen. If sir is feeling nostalgic it can, at the touch of a button, rotate again to display 3 analogue gauges. The optioned sound system is the “Naim for Bentley” – which in Bentley’s words creates a virtual listening room, complete with 2,200 watts!

Selected Technology options include the “Touring Specification” (the highlight of which is night vision!); the “City Specification” and “Mood Lighting Specification” (allows one to set the mood – Genevieve was most impressed when I set it to “35 year-old Clooney”.

I've also opted for a “valet key” (which keeps that working class filth our of your glove department); a parking heater with radio remote control (allows one to stay by the open fire whilst the saloon cabin warms up to 22.8 degrees) and a fresh air intake and ioniser – certainly a crucial option, as it provides an electrical charge to the air to attract and dispose of germs.

Finally, who could go without the Beluga 4-piece luggage set custom made for the Continental GT boot? The luggage includes laser-cut diamond quilting made of (I assume, given the name) body parts of the endangered white Beluga whale.

What better way to upset the perpetually offended by carrying your fur garments within the hide of an endangered whale!

And that, ladies and gentleman, is how one options a Bentley.

Melissa Ong, Community Manager

I'm going to name my first born Bentley, only because I will never be able to afford one...

Here is my Glacier White Continental GT First Edition. Please don't let the configurator fool you - this is not a flat grey.

I've added a set of 22-inch polished edge/black alloys and painted the brake calipers red to match the cricket ball red/black interior.

Woodgrain isn't the first choice for me, and boy, does Bentley do woodgrain – so I went the grand piano black finish inside. Sleek!

In addition to this, I've opted for creature comforts in the form of a luggage set (for all that international travel and commutes to Tullamarine), mood lighting (standard), LED welcome lights, welcome home lighting (aww) and the Bang & Olufsen sound system (doof doof).