Video: MINI E Race takes on the Nurburgring

Taking on the gruelling Nürburgring-Nordschleife circuit at race speed has become a right of passage for many new performance cars, and the latest all-electric flagship from MINI is no exception.
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The MINI E Race - a modified version of the standard MINI E - completed a lap of the legendary "Green Hell" in a time of 9:51.45 minutes, making the BMW Group the first manufacturer to race the circuit in an all-electric vehicle.

To put it into perspective, anything better than the ten minute mark is considered a good time for most cars to cover the 20.8km circuit, let alone in a front-wheel-drive electric car which topped out at 187km/h.

“The length and profile of the Nordschleife place extreme demands on the technology of our electric car. But the MINI E Race met this considerable challenge with great authority,” said the BMW Group’s Peter Krams, who headed up the project.
“The aim of this unique undertaking was to provide an impressive showcase of the great potential of the MINI E and its environment-friendly drive concept.”

The MINI E Race was not quite standard, featuring a special lightweight body (225kg lighter to be exact), full roll cage, KW Variant 3 coilover suspension, Recaro bucket seat, upgraded brakes and race tyres.

The drivetrain comprised a 150kW electric motor powered by 5,088 lithium-ion battery cells which red lines at an astonishing 13,000rpm.