We’ve all done it. You hit the indicator stalk and start switching lanes, when all of a sudden you realise that another car has crept up into your blind spot and has blasted you with their horn, in the hope of avoiding an embarrassing collision.
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Now there’s an answer, it’s called BLISS (Blind Spot Information System) and it’s been available on Volvo cars for several years.

The system is incredibly effective and is now standard kit on the Ford S-MAX and Galaxy MPV’s in the UK.

BLISS is essentially a radar warning system, which alerts drivers of vehicles in their blind spot on both sides using a small orange warning light in both side mirrors.

Better still, BLISS will work at speeds as low as 10km/h making it effective in stop start conditions such as peak hour or while searching for a car park at your local Mall.

Ford UK says, that the technology will also appear in other future Ford models including the Focus.