Upcoming EV line-up aimed at China, of course
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Having announced its plans to build a new electricified vehicle platform, reports have revealed Infiniti's battery-electric cars will have a range of at least 500km.

Speaking to Automotive News, the brand's president, Roland Krueger, suggested 311 miles (500km) would be the minimum range offered by cars on the new battery-based platform. He also suggested the platform can handle up to 300kW.

"In the end we realised we needed a platform that could hold an EV and e-Power and that made us decide to go for a completely new platform," Krueger told the industry publication, speaking about why the platform is being developed.

It'll eventually underpin the entire Infiniti range, barring the monstrous QX80.

"We will have our setting of the suspension, go for a double wishbone on the front axle and things like this, which is really something that is different from other vehicles we have in the line-up," Krueger added.

Expanding on those comments, Infiniti vice president of product strategy, Francois Bacon, confirmed all- and rear-wheel drive options will be available. Performance offerings could be equipped with three motors, although there was no confirmation of when those models would be added to the range.

Along with the pure-electric offerings, the platform will support e-Power models with a combination of electric motors and internal combustion engines – potentially in the form of the Infiniti variable-compression turbo petrol.

Why the focus on electric power? China, of course. Infiniti wants to have 50 per cent of its sales be electric by 2025 in China, which will be crucial as the government legislates aggressively to force the adoption of 'new-energy' vehicles.