Electrification of baby crossover still uncertain in Australia, for now
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Toyota has confirmed it will launch an electric C-HR in the Chinese market in 2020 at the Beijing motor show.

As reported by Autocar, the Japanese manufacturer announced three new electrified models it will be bringing to China in the coming years, including plug-in hybrid (PHEV) versions of the Corolla and Levin sedans due next year, in addition to the all-electric C-HR.

The pair of new PHEV offerings have a claimed driving range of around 30 miles (48km) on electric power alone, though there's no word on what the C-HR EV will be capable of when it arrives at the turn of the decade.

Autocar reports Toyota plans to introduce 10 new electrified models by 2020, and is in line with the Chinese government's requirement for a "certain quota" of a manufacturer's sales to be electric.

Last year Toyota alone sold around 140,000 electrified vehicles in China, making up some 40 per cent of the company's electrified vehicle sales in the nation to date.

In order to satisfy the growing demand for its plug-in hybrid models, Toyota is upping production of its nickel-metal hydride battery systems to 220,000 units in 2020, while also opening a new battery testing facility in China.


Speaking with CarAdvice, Toyota's local division was unable to confirm any details of electrified C-HR variants in Australia.

"There’s nothing that we have to announce on this front for Australia, save to say that we would not rule the possibility of such vehicles coming to Australia sometime in the future," said Orlando Rodriguez, product public relations manager for Toyota Australia.

Currently, the C-HR is offered with the Prius's conventional petrol-electric hybrid system in markets like Europe and Japan, though it's never made its way to Australia as yet.

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