Renault has developed an innovative new swivel seat that allows customers with limited mobility easier access to its new Clio range.
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The new seat, developed by Renault Tech, is operated by a simple lever that allows it to rotate 90-degrees on its base for easier entry and egress. The seat retains all the usual levels of comfort, adjustment, and most importantly, safety.

Although many after-market products of a similar design do exist, this factory-fitted option has no effect on any of the seat's standard specifications, its trim also matches the rest of the vehicle's upholstery.

Importantly, as a factory fitted item, the swivel seat complies with all passive safety requirements and is fully covered under the manufacturer's new vehicle warranty.

Renault will make the swivel seat available in six western European markets from June this year as an option on its Clio range of cars. Currently, Renault has no plans to release the swivel seat in Australian models.