The $100k question: Which car would we buy?

Part of our Podcast century celebrations
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To celebrate our 100th CarAdvice podcast, we asked some CarAdvice people what new car they'd buy for $100,000?

Their answers are below, or you can listen to them at the bottom of the article.

Mike Costello - Journalist

Volkswagen Amarok TDI 550 V6 Ultimate: $68,490 before-on-roads

I chose this because I'm a country kid at heart still, and I feel like I need to reclaim some semblance of my masculinity. With the remaining money leftover, I'd probably spend it by adding some modifications.

David Hutton - Producer

Lotus Elise Sprint 220: $87,990

During the week, we are often carrying gear in great big SUVs - cumbersome, slow machines. It would be really nice to have something quick on the weekends. Take the roof off and drive manual, and help towards my mid-life crisis.

Bek Regler - Video Editor

BMW 420i M Sport: $92,380

It looks epic, I want to pull up next to someone at the lights and chuck my business card at them, and I've got the long hair! Thought I would add a couple of options - slap a black sapphire paint job on there and alloys to match.

Kez Casey - Journalist

Volkswagen Transporter dual cab chassis: $50,090

I chose it because it's a great-looking thing, and I would completely ruin it by putting it on airbag suspension with a set of Lamborghini wheels, and making it look outrageous. I have $50,000 worth of modifications and I intend to spend every cent.

Marika Zhu - Regional Southern Sales Director

Audi RS3 hatch: $80,611

It sounds and looks good. It's still practical enough to do what you need. It's probably not a great daily driver, but that's ok!

Igor Solomon - Video Producer

BMW M2: $99,900

It's rear-wheel-drive, I can get it in manual, it's fast, it looks good, and I can take it to the track because I'm a track enthusiast.

Adam Morris - Presenter

Honda Civic Type R: $50,990

I think it's a fantastic package. In R-mode, it's a weapon of a performance car on a track, and twisty roads, it's just incredible. I'll have mine in Sonic Grey, and with the money leftover, I would get the little red pinstripe around the wheels and along the bottom of the skirts, get it painted black, or put a nice set of rims on it.

I know the looks are polarising, but the more I see them, the more they grow on me. It might be the boy racer in me.

Melissa Ong - Community Manager

Honda Civic Type-R: $50,990

My first car was a white Civic, and owning the hero car in the range in Championship White would be a dream of mine. I would use the leftover change to add some accessories to it - door sills, floor mats, the illumination package, and I would make it my dream car.

Alborz Fallah - Founder

BMW M2: $99,900

You get a car that looks better than the M4, and almost has the same performance for less money, so it seems like a good choice. Otherwise, it would be the Audi RS3.

James Wong - Journalist

Audi RS3 sedan: $84,611

I would choose this because it's got a 5-cylinder engine that sounds awesome. I would spec it in Viper Green which I think is about a $3000 or $4000 option and get one of the RS Performance packages.

I really like small and fast sedans, so it kind of ticks all the boxes.

Mandy Turner - Podcast Host

Mercedes-Benz C300 coupe: $83,900

Every time I see one of these on the road, I do a double-take. I love the sleek and sloping roof and it looks way more expensive than it really is. I'd get it in Cavansite Blue with Porcelain leather and option the Airmatic Dynamic handling and the Vision package.

Glen Sullivan - Video Editor

Toyota Landcruiser Prado Kakadu: $84,490

It's the ultimate go-anywhere family car, and I'd have a bit of change leftover for some minor mods.

Cheng Huang - Software Engineer

BMW 520d: $92,990

I'm a BMW fan and this car is large and practical enough for everyday driving. The driving experience is fun, and the maintenance is reasonable and it has cutting-edge technology.

Trent Nikolic - Journalist

Anything HSV

I said this last time we did this challenge, but in 2018, I would be buying as much HSV metal as I could get my hands on. Even if it was an ex-demo GTS, or I could scratch around and get something a little bit more potent.

I would probably be locking it up and barely driving it because I think it could be money in the bank in the next decade or so.

Mike Stevens - News Editor and Producer

Chevrolet Camaro: $TBA

We don't 100% know what the exact pricing is going to be yet, but what we've seen online suggests it will be around the $90,000 mark. In reality, I probably wouldn't pay that much for a Camaro, which is realistically a Mustang competitor.

It's a pretty cool-looking thing. At the end of the day, you're not going to see as many of them on the road as the Mustang, and that's kind of worth the extra bucks.

Andrew Beecher - CEO and Managing Director

Lotus Elise S 220: $87,990

We've just bought one, and I was lucky enough to do 15 laps around Mount Panorama and the car was absolutely epic. It weighs 845-kilograms and does 0-100km/h in 4.1 seconds, and is my performance car pick of 2018.

Anthony Crawford - Co-founder

Audi RS3: $80,611

It's way faster than an M2 and it's all-wheel-drive.

Paul Maric - Journalist

Audi S4 Avante: $102,611 (Paul can't count)

It is a seriously sweet car, with a 3.0-litre turbocharged V6 engine, it has plenty of poke, and it's a wagon, so it's cool. The A4 is built absolutely beautifully, and that would be my pick.

Scott Collie - Journalist

Audi SQ5: $99,611

It's fast, it looks great, and it's got space for all the stuff you need to chuck in the back. With my remaining $389, I'd have a nice dinner and big night out.

Rob Margeit - Cultural and Lifestyle Editor

BMW 520d wagon with M Sport package: $100,190

Yes, it really is a thing. I would also buy myself a self-satisfied smug grin for not having bought an SUV.

Curt Dupriez - Comparisons Editor

Alpine A110: $TBA

I chose this because any other properly non-sensical lightweight thrill machine from Lotus, Radical or KTM, is really too expensive. Being a journalist, any sensible car that I might want to drive is inevitably somebody else's.