DS X E-Tense concept revealed

And would you just look at those headlights?
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The first image and details about the DS X E-Tense concept have been revealed.

According to Citroen's spin-off brand, the X E-Tense is a vision of what a "car of your dreams might look like in 2035". It describes the X E-Tense as "sensuous and inspiring" and says it is "in the same revolutionary mould as the original DS".

The concept features an asymmetric three-seat layout with a gull-wing door on the passenger side, as well as an electro-chromatic glass floor allowing those inside the car to see the road beneath.

Other interior highlights include a clear glass canopy, capacitive sensors in the steering wheel to measure the driver's efforts, and a holographic personal assistant, dubbed Iris.

The X E-Tense is said to have two electric motors, which are, strangely for a car of this type, located up front. Together they make up to 400kW during daily on-the-road use, but can deliver up to 1000kW on a track.

Weight should be low thanks to the vehicle's carbon-fibre chassis, and the car's "innovative springs and torsion bars" have been engineered by the team responsible for DS' Formula E program. The body also reportedly reverts to its original form after an impact.

As is common with most futuristic concepts today, the X E-Tense supports autonomous driving, as well as human-controlled driving.