Dawn and Wraith have turned to the dark side
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Rolls-Royce has embraced its dark side, unveiling a collection of 70 Dawn and Wraith special editions as part of the Adamas Collection.

Adamas picks up where the Black Badge left off, taking the base Wraith and Dawn packages in a sportier, darker direction with a number of bespoke touches – the most eye-catching of which is undoubtedly the carbon-fibre Spirit of Ecstasy on the nose.

It's made of 294 (count them) layers of aerospace carbon-fibre, which take 68 hours to produce. For those playing along at home, the weave angle is exactly 25 degrees.

The lighter-weight, darker-coloured emblem sits on a titanium base emblazoned with Black Badge Adamas, along with the infinity symbol.

The two cars chosen to showcase the collection are finished in Aphrodite Red and black, or Morpheus Blue and black. Rolls-Royce says the colours offer a "mesmerising iridescent effect" under lights, working with darkened grille surrounds and vanes for a unique look.

Inside, the central clock has been finished with 88 lab-grown black diamonds. They're mounted on a carbon-fibre backing plate, contrasting with the clock's machined aluminium chaplets and polished inner bezel. It also has a white face, for a dash of added sparkle.

Along with the flashy clock, the Wraith Adamas is fitted with the Rolls-Royce starlight headliner. There are 1340 fibre-optic lights in the roof lining, laid out to mimic the molecular structure of carbon becoming a diamond.

It's actually the first of its kind to use different shades of light, designed to make the pattern more visible.

The two-tone steering wheel and pearlescent-effect leather seats have been matched to the exterior colour scheme, while the new metal dashboard fascia and console lids are designed to feel cold and solid, just like the carbon-fibre used elsewhere.

When you open the door, the tread plate reads Black Badge Wraith Adamas – One of Forty, or Black Badge Dawn Adamas – One of Thirty. Just in case you forget what you're driving, presumably.