But it's only for test cars at the moment
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The world's car manufacturers are racing to have their autonomous technology up and running at the moment, testing ingenious solutions to the potential problems facing self-driving vehicles.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is currently working on technology to let its robo-cars 'see around corners' thanks to a combination of automated, connected and mapping tech.

The project, dubbed AutopleX, is designed to allow vehicles to know what's coming around blind roundabouts or junctions by talking to other vehicles on the road. Connected cars, or V2V communication, has long been earmarked as one of the keys to successful autonomous vehicle development.

There's also scope for the technology to assist human drivers in similar situations, making it easier to merge into busy, blind areas.

"This project is crucial in order to bring self-driving cars to our customers in the near future," said Chris Holmes, connected and autonomous vehicle research manager for JLR.

"Together with our AutopleX partners, we will merge our connected and autonomous research to empower our self-driving vehicles to operate safely in the most challenging, real-world traffic situations."

JLR's AutopleX project is worth £4.7 million ($8.5 million), and involves both simulation and testing on public roads in the West Midlands.

The British manufacturer has been testing self-driving cars on the public road since late last year. Waymo, the self-driving project from Google, has also recently confirmed it will buy 20,000 I-Pace electric SUVs for its upcoming driverless fleet.