It may not top some of Toyota's memorable and almost iconic HiLux ads for sheer comedy, but Holden's new Colorado campaign could help the ute pick up some needed sales in the months ahead.
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Figures for the end of March show the Colorado 4x4 on 3459 sales year-to-date – down from 4102 for the same period in 2017. The 4x2 models are faring no better, down from 457 to 256 for the year so far.

But, if placing equal third in our recent eight-way dual-cab ute comparo (shameless plug) doesn't help it over the line, the new 'Colorado: Not To Be Outdone' campaign might do the job. (Personally, I think it should've been titled 'I Ain't Afraid Of No Goats'...)

"In a fresh approach for Colorado, the multi-channel campaign sees a Colorado driver battle in a variety of different situations against a scheming goat, pitching brawn and capability against wily mountain knowledge," Holden says of the new ads, which will air on The AFL Footy Show tonight.

For my money, though, nothing will ever top the classic 'Bugger!' ads for the HiLux, back in the day… or this one, or this one. In fact, that last one might be the GOAT.

Transparency: This is not a sponsored story, I just like TV ads. 'Gruen' obsessive right here…