Toyota has sold its five-millionth vehicle in Australia after commencing sales here in 1963.
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Toyota says that although it is impossible to determine the exact vehicle, date or customer, its records indicate the milestone was reached sometime in the last month.

Selling just 1275 cars in its first year, Toyota now averages 200,000 vehicle sales per annum, and has since its humble beginnings, delivered 2.9 million passenger cars and 2.1 million light commercial vehicles in Australia.

Toyota's records show that its most popular vehicle over the past 47 years has been its Corolla sedan and hatch variants, with an impressive 1.1 million sales - or roughly one in five Toyotas sold. Australia was the first country outside of Japan to sell the Corolla, although this is the subject of a friendly argument with Toyota Motor Sales in the US.

Next in line is the Toyota Camry with 740,000 domestic sales. Toyota Australia has exported many times that number of locally-produced Camrys to more than 20 overseas destinations, including the Middle East.

Other popular sellers include the Toyota LandCruiser with 740,000 sales, Toyota Hilux on 650,000 units and Toyota LandCruiser Prado with 155,000 vehicles sold.

Toyota Australia's senior executive director sales and marketing David Buttner said Toyota Australia thanks its loyal customers for creating this significant milestone.

"Our view in Australia has always been that, if we take care of the customers and provide quality vehicles, the sales milestones will take care of themselves," Mr Buttner said."The true significance of five million sales is that such a large number of Australian families, individuals, businesses, organisations and governments have put their faith in Toyota, our vehicles and our dealer network."We thank them for their loyalty and we can assure every Toyota customer and prospect that we are constantly striving to improve every aspect of our operations."