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Hot on the heels of the hatchback's official reveal, images of the yet-to-be-unveiled 2019 Toyota Corolla Axio sedan have surfaced in Japan's Best Car magazine. Although the Axio is a cheaper, simpler take on the Corolla Sedan we get in Australia, it provides a hint as to what we can expect from the incoming three-box Corolla when it lands.

It's worth remembering, these could just be a set of renders commissioned by the popular Japanese magazine, but past form on the Toyota Supra would suggest they're accurate.

If they are on the money, we can expect a sedan with the same angular, European-inspired design language as the hatchback.

Above: From left to right, Corolla hatch, Corolla GT, Corolla Sedan and JDM Corolla Fielder Wagon dimensions

Although the nose is very similar, the sedan (or Axio in JDM speak) has a set of clear, slim tail-lights on the boot lid with just a hint of Mirai about them. We're also seeing a touch of Lexus CT to their shape, although that might be drawing a long bow.

Best Car is claiming a length of 4500mm (120mm shorter than the current car) for the sedan, which rides on a 2640mm wheelbase and weighs just 1200kg. Don't necessarily expect that figure to carry over to our Corolla Sedan, which will likely be better specced and more powerful than the car shown here.

According to the table, the Axio will have a 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine and electric motor in Japan. With a system output of 75PS (55kW) according to the table, we'd be surprised to see that particular configuration make its way down under.

Unfortunately, the Kanji description of the transmission in the sedan is beyond comprehension for my high school Japanese.

Along with the Corolla Axio sedan, the magazine included details of the Corolla Fielder wagon pictured above. Sorry, that's likely to remain a Japan-only proposition, but we can still watch and wish.

UPDATE: The original version of this story mistakenly labelled the pictured car a Corolla Sedan when it's actually an Corolla Axio – a slightly different model, reserved for the Japanese market.

Although it's a strong indicator for our car, differences between JDM and Western spec mean it's not necessarily 100 per cent the same car we'll get here. The copy has been tweaked to reflect that.