Owner Reviews: Best of March, 2018

Well done Dion, Jon and G.March!
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We love Owner Reviews at CarAdvice. After all, the people who slapped down their hard-earned money on a car are, arguably, best qualified to tell the world what they’re like!

Here are our favourites from March, along with the story that inspired the most comments. Want to see your review featured here? Submit a review using the link on our home page!

Dion, 2015 Jaguar XE 20t Prestige

Like most of the motoring world, Dion was excited to see Jaguar shake off its boring, retro-inspired sensibilities in the transition from X-Type to XE.

After driving a glut of Volkswagen Group products, including fan favourites like the Golf GTI, he leapt into the world of Jaguar ownership.

What's the XE like to live with? There's only one way to find out.

Jon, 2017 Kia Picanto S

Jon and his partner are self-described 'seniors' looking for a small, sensible city car. Given the traffic in Sydney, it needed to be an automatic, and it needed to feel stable – like a bigger car, essentially.

Having driven a Suzuki Ignis, Mitsubishi Mirage and Toyota Yaris, the buying committee settled on the little Kia, impressed by its refinement and the space on board.

Is this still a love story, or has the relationship soured?

G.March, 2008 Honda Civic Type R

Like so many car enthusiasts, this owner fell in love with their car after it featured on Top Gear. After working through high school and university, they had the required funds, and found this Milano Red example with 90,000km on the clock.

The practicality is good, the engine is great and the styling still looks fresh – what more could you ask for?

Lx, 2015 Kia Pro_cee'd GT

The Pro_cee'd GT might have a stupid name, but it's earned Kia something of a cult following. Lx has kept his PCGT (that's not an officially-endorsed acronym, but the official name has more punctuation than the average sentence) for three years, and loves the way it drives.

The fact it's rare is a good thing, too, but there are a few issues – namely, a slight lack of torque.

Get the full rundown here.

Stuart B, 1980 Porsche 924

Is the 924 a real Porsche? That depends on who you ask. Stuart talks about the car's beginnings, how Porsche added its own flavour to a Volkswagen design, and talks through some of his favourite memories with the car pictured here.

Get ready to learn something!

David Festa, 2005 Mazda MX-5

"The story of this car begins with the death of my father, who was a mechanic and used car salesman. I grew up watching him buy, repair and sell hundreds of different cars over the years. He was a bit of a boozer and a rat bag, but he was my dad, so naturally I became a car nut as well. When he died a few years ago and left me a small amount money, I thought the best thing to do would be to buy an automotive toy in his memory."

Read the full story here.

Cheng, 2014 BMW 316i

The most-commented Owner Review actually came from within the CarAdvice office this month: Cheng, part of our development team, jumped into the role of journalist and put his 316i through its paces.

The good? It's got plenty of space on board, and BMW ConnectedDrive is good. The bad? As a base model, the 316 is a bit, er, basic.

Check it out here.

Dion, Jon and G.March take home $50 fuel vouchers. This month, the top three owner reviews have a choice of a fuel voucher or a Bowden's Own detailing kit. Submit them before the end of April for your chance to win!