Luxury arm to stay a luxury arm
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With a local brand launch debut set for May this year, Hyundai's luxury arm Genesis will stick to one model line and bypass the sub-performance brand setup like its parent's N division.

Speaking with media at the 2018 New York motor show last week, Genesis senior vice president, Manfred Fitzgerald, told CarAdvice that the brand's aim is to deliver one quality, high-performing product line.

"Honestly, I'm not a big fan of anything like that [a performance sub-brand] for our premium luxury brand because we have enough on our hands right now establishing ourselves as a brand, let alone now trying to introduce a sub-brand. I couldn't even fathom that idea," he said.

"I just believe for us right now, it's not the right question to pose right now. We're still dealing with the basics and let's get the basics right and the fundamentals right and then we can think about going into other areas."

Above: Genesis G70

We asked Fitzgerald whether that means Genesis vehicles will always carry the highest performing engine lines in the Hyundai range and he confirmed that he would "like to see it that way".

Genesis recently opened a standalone dealership in Korea, which will pave the way to both brands operating separately when it lands in Australia later this year.

Would you consider buying a Genesis against established luxury European and Japanese brands?

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