Jeep Grand Cherokee Recall

DaimlerChrysler is set to recall some 260,000 Jeep Grand Cherokees due to reports of breaking cooling fan blades and seat fires. The issue with the seats has so far apparently caused 32 Vehicle fires. The problem seems to be with some 112,000 Jeep Grand Cherokees 2003/2004 which came equipped with seat heaters. The problem is related to the passenger heat which has caused the fires.
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The other problem is the cooling fan for some 150,000 Cherokees (2000, 2002) which came with the 4.0 Litre engines (Six Cylinder). Jeep reports that in some cases the Blades can break off the fan when the car is running. Although in most cases this isn't an issue when the hood is closed, you can imagine the damage it can do to anyone standing around the car if the hood is open. In the U.S. over 200 people have complained about the problem.

Jeep Australia has yet to make an official announcement about the issue and whether or not the recall will also include Australian delivered Grand Cherokees. Response from Jeep Australia will be posted as soon as it becomes available