Australians hungry for mega McLaren
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McLaren has confirmed the Senna is on its way to Australia, and says demand was strong enough for it to be knocking back prospective buyers.

Speaking to CarAdvice ahead of the 2018 Australia Grand Prix in Melbourne, George Biggs, McLaren managing director for Asia Pacific, said demand has been "very, very strong" locally, on the back of a "hugely positive reaction" from the wider region.

"We're producing the car in right-hand drive, so we've had a huge amount of interest in Australia," Biggs said.

"We've had to unfortunately disappoint some clients, because we simply don't have enough cars to satisfy the demand, but you'll definitely see it on Australian roads."

Biggs later said the brand is "very much over-subscribed in terms of the cars we could supply to the market".

Unfortunately, he wouldn't confirm the exact number of cars on their way Down Under. He did, however, confirm the car's £750,000 ($1,373,004) price tag is a global figure.

"There's one price for that car, so we have announced the UK price... effectively take that price, put on Australian duty, on-roads, taxes, etcetera and you've got your price," he said.

That puts the limited-run track special at around $1.375 million before on-roads are applied. Not cheap, although it makes the incoming Pagani Huayra look a little overpriced.

Although most mere mortals might baulk at the idea of spending that much money on a car, Biggs told CarAdvice local buyers are particularly partial to vehicles at the top-end of the McLaren range.

"I think the demand for 720[S] has been really, really strong and that – we're probably six to seven months in terms order bank as we currently stand – we're in a really strong position," Biggs said.

"The Australian market is taking a definite skew towards the high-specification cars," he said. "We are seeing a lot of those high-spec cars at 720[S] and the demand for Senna is through the roof, so we are in a situation where we are probably more skewed towards there."