DB11 driving the change
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Aston Martin is seeing a strong sales push among female buyers, particularly when it comes to the Chinese market.

"What we can say with fact, is we are now seeing more women as the outright owners and main drivers of the car," Simon Sproule, Aston Martin vice president, told media at the DB11 Volante and Vantage launch in Melbourne yesterday.

"In certain markets we're seeing quite an extraordinary swing towards female buyers."

"In China, [the] DB11 V12 coupe – don't forget, the taxation structure in China very much does not favour V12 engines, it favours V8s, so the V8 is going to be the volume seller," he continued.

"On the V12 coupe in China last year, full year, 50 – five zero – per cent of sales were women. We've never seen that for our brand in any market."

Aston Martin isn't the only brand to see strong sales among female buyers. Ferrari Australasia has a relatively high proportion of female buyers based on global trends but, where the British marque is pushing a 50/50 split, the Prancing Horse is barely 10/90.