Audi R8 V6 project dead - report

V10 to remain sole option for flagship supercar
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It seems the long-rumoured Audi R8 V6 is no longer happening, according to a new report out of the US.

Speaking with Road and Track, an "Audi spokesperson" reportedly ruled out a new entry-level variant powered by the 2.9-litre V6 found in the RS4, RS5 and several Porsche models.

"There is no V6 planned for R8," the spokesperson told the American publication.

Rumours of the V6-powered R8 have been circulating since 2015, before the new-generation R8 even launched – but it looks like the road ends here for such a model.

The report comes shortly after the company's R&D boss, Peter Mertens, said the R8 may not even get a replacement once the second-generation supercar completes its "long life".

While Audi Sport fans may shed a tear for the loss of the company's performance hero, Mertens confirmed the next generation of high-performance offerings from the sub-brand will include a range of combustion, electric and hybrid powertrains.

Hopefully, though, there's room for a new R8 in that upcoming portfolio as well.