Hyundai i30 N: DCT confirmed for 'late-2019'

And the entry-level model could be coming as well
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Hyundai has confirmed the i30 N hot hatch will gain a dual-clutch transmission option in late-2019, potentially accompanied by the entry-level variant not currently offered in Australia.

According to Andrew Tuitahi, senior product manager for Hyundai Australia, described the decision to launch with only the Performance-spec i30 N as a "statement of intent", but said the range will continue evolving.

"The i30 N line-up will adapt over time," Tuitahi said, speaking to media at the local i30 N drive program. "We'll study how the standard version goes in other markets," he later added.

According to Bill Thomas, communications boss for Hyundai Australia, it's a "no-brainer to bring the standard i30 N out once the DCT is online". That comment was backed by the company CEO, who acknowledged the "sales limitations" of only offering a manual gearbox.

At this stage, the dual-clutch transmission is likely to arrive in "late 2019". Thomas wouldn't be drawn on what that is likely to mean for sales, arguing it's "hard to say" how the self-shifter will boost customer uptake.

At the moment, there are 40 customer orders from a promotion run on the Hyundai website.

As for what the i30 N will do for Hyundai? Well, it's not going to be a volume seller. Jung Wook Lee, local CEO for Hyundai, says it "will change our [Hyundai's own] attitudes to our cars".