The week's top news stories: March 18

Greens policy plans, American pickups and mid-size crossovers
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The automotive news wheel is always turning. If you’re not constantly checking CarAdvice – which you should be doing, by the way – it can be easy for some headlines to slip through the cracks.

To make sure you haven’t missed anything important, we’ve gathered what we reckon are the hottest news stories from this week, right here. Check them out, and let us know what caught your eye.

Lexus: Autonomous vehicles ‘very dangerous’ in cities

Lexus might appear to be behind its rivals when it comes to autonomous technology, but the brand still has some strong opinions on how self-driving cars should be rolled out.

Get a full rundown of its approach to autonomy here.

2018 Volkswagen Polo GTI won’t have a manual gearbox in Australia

Bad news, enthusiasts. The incoming Polo GTI will only be offered with a dual-clutch transmission in Australia, initially at least.

The news was confirmed to Mike Costello during a conversation with a staffer during the base-model Polo's launch. Apparently, a lack of demand for three-pedal vehicles Down Under is the cause of death.

Check out the story here – get the tissues ready.

McLaren Senna designer: ‘I love the controversy it has caused’

The Senna isn't traditionally attractive, but its ugly angles and jutting spoilers serve a purpose. According to McLaren's chief designer, Rob Melville, the track-focused special is a brutal example of function usurping form.

Is he on the money? Get the whole story here.

Greens propose 2030 sales ban on petrol, diesel

Here's a story that really got people talking. The Greens have proposed a plan to heavily incentivise electric vehicle sales, in the lead up to a full internal-combustion sales ban by 2030.

According to Greens Senator, Janet Rice, the plan is "ambitious but achievable".

Do you agree? Get the full interview, and all the details about the policy, here.

Mazda 3 digital driver display revealed in spy photos

Posted on a Chinese website, these images have revealed a new digital display in the Mazda 3. With graphics inspired by Lexus, and a range of layouts reminiscent of BMW offerings, the Japanese manufacturer is borrowing from the best.

Are you a fan? Get a look here.

2019 RAV4 teased ahead of New York debut

Toyota is on a new model kick at the moment, with plans to debut its all-new mid-size SUV in the Big Apple later this month. If the fresh Corolla is anything to go by, it could be a bit of a looker – not that the shadowy teaser image we have here gives much away.

Get the full story here.

2019 Subaru Forester previewed, due in Australia this year

Along with the new RAV4, the New York motor show will play host to the new Subaru Forester. They're both direct rivals, and they're both big sellers for their respective brands. Buckle up for a soft-roader frenzy.

Get a shady look at the car here.

RAM 1500 confirmed for Australia, here mid-year

Nope, it isn't the all-new one. But Ateco Automotive will bring the current-generation RAM 1500 to Australia this year, complete with a 5.7-litre Hemi V8 engine and a price tag to make the Ranger Wildtrak and Amarok V6 Ultimate nervous.

Get excited here.