As BMW and Audi continue to offer more exciting niche models, such as the 5 Series Gran Turismo and A7, Mercedes-Benz is also said to be readying a shooting brake version of its next-generation CLS.
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With coupe-styled looks and hatchback practicality, the shooting brake design offers more utility over the CLS sedan, a new variant of which is due for release later this year.

The CLS shooting brake, expected to follow in early 2012, will not be a full station wagon or a true two-door shooting brake, but will instead offer four doors like the Mercedes-Benz's 2008 Fascination Concept car (pictured).

Like its German rivals, Mercedes-Benz say the new vehicle is another way it plans to explore niche markets and attract younger buyers to the brand. The CLS will be powered by a similar range of diesel and petrol engines as those found in the current C-Class range.

The new CLS shooting brake is expected to make its debut appearance at next month's Beijing Motor Show