Bugatti Veyron On Track - Fifth Gear

Well it seems Bugatti don't trust Clarkson with their million dollar Veyron (can you blame them?), but Fifth Gear presenter Tiff Needell seems to fit the bill when it comes to putting the 1001hp Veyron through its paces on the track.
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With the SSC Ultimate Aero TT taking the crown as the world's fastest production car, going fast in a straight line isn't going to cut it any more for the Veyron - but how does it go sideways?

Shockingly, Tiff finds out...

Part 1:

Part 2:

As one avid reader so perfectly put it, the Veyron was an engineering masterpiece which as a by-product reached a top speed of 407km/h.

This new SSC Ultimate Aero TT was undeniably engineered with only one thing in mind: taking the crown from the Bugatti - you only have to look at the fact that they attempted to better the Veyron on more than two separate occasions to realise this.