Ford Focus RS500 official details

As if the regular Ford Focus RS wasn't mad enough, a new edition with a 350hp, or 260kW, has been released.
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Only 500 are planned, and each will receive individual numbering on a metal plaque in the centre console. It's a last hurrah for the Focus RS - being at the end of its life - so it's been blessed with even more power and torque. The turbocharged 2.5-litre, five cylinder makes 260kw, up around 15 per cent on the regular RS, and 460Nm from 2500rpm to 4500rpm.

“The more urgent engine sound and sheer thrust of the mid-range performance tell the driver immediately that this is not a standard Focus RS,” said Gunnar Herrmann, Ford’s Global C-Car Vehicle Line Director. “With 15 per cent more power and the same gutsy, sporting character, our new powertrain gives the RS500 the special engine it deserves.”

0-100km/h is done in a claimed 5.6 seconds, and on to a top speed of 263km/h - not bad for a hot-hatch. It also still runs through the front wheels, the acclaimed RevoKnuckle system unchanged in the RS500.

19-inch wheels and 235/35/R19 tyres also remain as per the standard RS, but on the outside RS gills behind the front wheels feature blue badging, designed to stand out from the special matt black "foil" paintwork. In fact, it's a fancy way of saying that it's a self-adhesive vinyl which has been vehicle-wrapped, being supplied by vinyl manufacturer 3M.

“We were determined to mark the end of production for the current and acclaimed Focus RS with something even more special,” said Joe Bakaj, Ford of Europe's vice president for Product Development. “From its stunning looks to its intoxicating performance, we have no doubt that the RS500 will be appreciated and quickly snapped up by performance car enthusiasts.

Black wheels, black grille and twin blade rear spoiler, black rear diffuser - it's a mean package, and as you can see in the video below (a teaser from a couple of days ago) it has no trouble going around corners.

The problem is, all of them will be left-hand-drive, including the UK allocation, which means there's no chance we'll be seeing this black beast on local roads.