Performance car fans rejoice
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The new Supra is set to ‘make Toyota exciting again’, and the brand is keen to market its highly-desirable new performance car locally as a showcase for its sporty revival.

Speaking to Australian media at the Geneva motor show today, vice-president for sales and marketing at Toyota Australia, Sean Hanley, said the Supra hasn’t been completely confirmed for our market, but the strength of its badge cannot be underestimated – and that the local arm will be doing all it can to bring the car here.

"I know that Supra has a tremendous strong following by name in the Australia market," Hanley said.

“We haven’t confirmed yet that we will actually get this car… but I can assure you that we are certainly very keen to take the Supra.”

Although global pricing for the Supra hasn't been confirmed, we can take some guidance from its BMW Z4 cousin's historic pricing, given the two will share their underpinnings. The Z4 has traditionally started well under $100,000 which could mean the Supra will become a Mustang competitor.

Even so, Hanley says that it will remain competitive in the market, but may not undercut the competition like the 86.

“Being competitive is important but it will play a very different role to a big volume car for Toyota. Not necessarily undercut [the competition], we think it will stand on its own in name, design, performance and desirability.”

Meanwhile, there is also a hint that Supra may just be the first of a numerous sports cars coming our way.

“Because of its heritage and the strength of the name both Celica and Supra have a very strong following, and I also think that there is a strong desire in the Australian market for an affordable sports car, in every sense we certainly hope to be able to bring Supra to the Australian market.

“Supra is one of the most beloved Toyota cars of all time, not much doubt about that. There is huge public interest in reviving the name and the concept points to a sports car that is absolutely deserving of that famous name.”

Meanwhile, despite the success of the 86 for our market, Toyota Australia says its decision to push for the Supra was made on merit, not based on its younger brother's success.

“Success of 86 is not the driving force, for us it’s about bringing cars that are fun to drive back to Toyota and exciting the brand. Make Toyota exciting again."

Although the Mustang has proven sports cars can be sold in big numbers, Hanley says he doesn’t see the Supra as a volume seller.

“I don’t see this as big numbers. It’s a niche car, it’s a car for the brand, it’s a car that demonstrates our ability and performance and points to the future of Toyota brand and sports car technology that we can bring to the market.”

CarAdvice believes the new Supra will arrive in Australian showrooms around this time next year as a 2019 model.