Old-school Britain takes on modern America
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The Jaguar I-Pace hasn't been around long, but it's already being compared with the Tesla Model X.

Although the Big Cat is a bit smaller than Elon Musk's showy crossover, there are plenty of similarities. Both the Model X and I-Pace come with dual-motor all-wheel drive, and the 90kWh battery in the Jaguar is a rough match for the 75kWh or 100kWh options in the Tesla.

Given it's a manufacturer-produced video, it shouldn't be surprising to hear the Jaguar doesn't face off with the Model X P100D and Ludicrous Mode. Instead, it takes on a 75D and a non-Performance 100D in a 0-100km/h-0 test.

Some notoriously pro-Tesla media – alright, it was Electrek – has asked why Jaguar wasn't willing to challenge the range-topping, headline-hogging P100D.

To us, the answer is simple: the I-Pace will cost $119,000 before on-road costs when it arrives in Australia, the regular Model X 100D is a $180,000 proposition, and the P100D will set you back around $250,000.

When it arrives in Australia, the I-Pace will offer 480km of range, and takes 10 hours to charge to 80 per cent. A 100kW DC public point will deliver 80 per cent of maximum range in 40 minutes.

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