CarAdvice at Custom Cars and Coffee, Sandown – Gallery

CarAdvice was on the ground at Custom Cars and Coffee at Sandown Raceway, Victoria, last weekend, showing off some of the cars in our garage and checking out the cool metal on show.

From wild, wide-body rotaries to stunning classic Porsches – and every single Ford hot hatch built in the past decade – there was something for everyone. Check out a snapshot of the day in the gallery below, and let us know if you can see your car!

CarAdvice Audi S1, Stinger and MX-5 on show

Although we're good at telling people what to buy, we're also willing to put our money where our mouth is here at CarAdvice. Along with the sticker-clad S1, our Kia Stinger 330Si and Mazda MX-5 were on show at Sandown.

We also brought a Tickford Mustang, Holden Commodore Calais-V Tourer and a Suzuki Swift Sport along. People were generally impressed by the Holden, intrigued with the Kia and besotted by the little turbocharged Swift. Hot hatches are still popular, that's for sure.

Lotuses, Porsches and BMWs

Along with the CarAdvice display, CC&C hosted a couple of lovely Lotuses, a few lightly used Porsches and some tastefully modified BMWs. The bright yellow Elise was a crowd pleaser, while the Evora packs a surprising visual punch in person.

The BMW M4 was incredibly popular – along with Mustangs and Focus RS/ST/XR5 owners, BMW M3 and M4 owners were among the best represented people in the crowd.

The blue car pictured here has been leant on by Southern BM, and stood out among the crowd of black-and-grey German performance cars purely thanks to its paint job.

Highlights from the crowd

As with any cars and coffee event, the real highlights were hiding in the crowd. From heavily modified Falcons with (questionably) overhauled looks to 'phat' RX-7 rotaries, with a few motorsport Porsches thrown into the mix for good measure, here's a look at some of the best-in-show.

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