The interior of the next-generation Porsche 911 has been spied again, but this time around the dashboard has been left fully uncovered.
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Perhaps most importantly for enthusiasts, the interior of this 911 sports a seven-speed manual transmission, putting to bed fears held by some that Porsche might go for an all-PDK range.

The interior of this prototype, unlike the vehicle spied in December last year, doesn't have any shrouding over the dashboard.

Thanks to all the testing and emergency equipment, as well as covers for the door panels and the absence of finishing trim, you can tell this isn't the finished product.

We can see the new 911's interior is heavily influenced by the latest Panamera. There's a large, wide touchscreen for the infotainment system, digital displays on both sides of the analogue tachometer, and a greatly reduced number of physical buttons throughout the cabin.

Thanks to a seemingly never-ending stream of spy photos of the new 911, this latest prototype doesn't show us anything new about the next-generation sports car's design.

Once again, Porsche has opted for measured evolution of the 911's styling, with the new model distinguished by wider and more prominent wheel arch flares, and a thin lighting strip stretching across the vehicle's tail.

Power for the new 911 range is expected to come from a selection of flat-six engines, with most variants featuring turbocharging.