Honda Australia's latest television commercial, dubbed 'Imagination', is now being used to promote Honda Jazz in the Netherlands.
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The result of a creative partnership between Honda Australia and Revolver Films' director Kris Moyers, the commercial was produced in collaboration with advertising agency 303.

The ad uses 1,469,333 multi-coloured plastic blocks, the exact number calculated to fill the interior of the Jazz, through a series of images -- including a giant dog chasing a ball, a sneaker-wearing octopus, a surfboard riding a wave and a submarine -- to demonstrate the Jazz's flexibility and space.

Each object in the commercial was built using a number of blocks in 366 separate scenes and pieced together to form a moving image. The process took over 12 hours to complete.After filming was complete, Honda donated the Mega Bloks used in the creation of the commercial to various charities around Australia.