East Coast Defender unveils Heritage Collection

Not cheap, but very pretty
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East Coast Defender is an American tuning house best known for shoehorning V8 engines into Land Rovers, but it appears the tuning house is looking to diversify. Along with its high-powered projects, it will produce a new Heritage Collection of cars.

It's no surprise to see East Coast pushing into the resto-modding world. Jaguar Land Rover now sells old Range Rovers and D Types as new, while Fiat Chrysler has pushed into the space of reworked classics lately as well.

Much like these other projects, the East Coast Heritage Collection aims to deliver the look and feel of a classic, but deliver new-car reliability and comfort.

'New' cars are based on D90 and D110 Defenders, powered by a rebuilt V8 Rover engine with a rebuilt manual transmission, air conditioning and rebuilt suspension. Don't worry, purists – the suspension retains the standard ride height. The exterior can be finished in any colour the owner chooses.

The interior gains marine-grade carpet, a new centre console, a Momo Heritage Style steering wheel and LED lighting. They ride on 16-inch wheels, although buyers will undoubtedly be able to tweak the specification if they so desire.

Pricing for the ECD Heritage Collection starts at US$129,995 ($163,900) but, as you can probably imagine, that could jump rapidly with a few choice modifications.