No buttons, no problems?
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Tesla's mass-market Model 3 hasn't been on the road for long, but people are already starting to crash them.

An owner, running under the Reddit username Model 3 Crash Test Dummy, smashed their car into a parked vehicle at 97km/h.

Although both driver and passenger walked away with only minor injuries – a sore right foot in the driver's case, and a cut arm for the passenger – the car's unique, button-free interior presented some unique challenges post-crash.

For one, the passenger sustained cuts after smashing their arm into the freestanding 15-inch screen – and because the display was shattered, the owner couldn't open the screen-activated glovebox to retrieve their insurance documents and registration information.

In response, Elon Musk said Tesla would add a software feature to "open glovebox automatically when car comes to a stop after a crash", effectively solving the problem. He also said the company will look at "bonding a thin plastic sheet" to the screen, in an attempt to stop passengers cutting their arms.

Although the potential for harm from a shattered display is an issue Tesla should have considered during development and testing, the company's focus on over-the-air updates for quick fixes is a mark in its favour.

NOTE: Photo of crashed Model 3 courtesy Reddit user Model 3 Crash Test Dummy.