2013 BMW X5 and X6 added to Takata recall

Airbag campaign hits BMW SUVs
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BMW Australia has recalled X5 and X6 models sold in 2013 to replace the driver (and passenger, in some cases) airbag inflator.

The company says metal fragments could shoot out of the Takata airbag inflators currently installed in affected cars, causing "serious injury or fatality" in the process.

All the inflators in this recall are classed as 'beta' – less dangerous than 'alpha' inflators, but still in need of replacement.

A total of 2082 cars are included in the driver airbag recall, while 2085 require a new passenger airbag inflator. The VIN list for the driver and passenger inflator recalls are linked.

BMW will contact owners of the affected vehicles, and advise them to take their cars to a dealer for a fix. Concerned owners can check if their cars are included here, or call 1800 813 299 for more information.

Faulty Takata airbags have been linked to 19 deaths globally, including one in Australia, along with some 200 injuries.

While 12 manufacturers have already issued recall notices for around 2.5 million vehicles in Australia, (UPDATE, 28/02/2018: the number is now around 4 million) the government wants further action to be taken.

Owners who think their vehicle could be affected should check to see if their unit's make, model and vehicle identification number (VIN) are listed on the Product Safety Australia website.