Lexus will begin selling its CT 200h hybrid in the US from early 2011.
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The sporty five-door hatch, which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month, will give Lexus a second dedicated hybrid design, joining the HS 250h.

The CT 200h will be powered by a 1.8-litre Atkinson cycle petrol four-cylinder engine with variable-valve timing and feature Lexus' Hybrid Drive technology.

CT 200h uses two motor generators (both of which can act as motor or generator) and an engine-driven generator that can charge the batteries or provide additional power to assist the drive motor, depending on demand.

The drive motor supplies power to the front wheels and can draw energy from the storage batteries or the engine-driven generator.

Both motors and a power-splitting device are housed in a single unit about the size of a conventional transmission, much like the newly release Toyota Camry Hybrid. The batteries are housed forward of the rear wheels for better weight distribution.