Saab resumed production at its Trollhattan, Sweden plant yesterday - a month after Dutch firm Spyker Cars took over as owner from General Motors.
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Spyker CEO Victor Muller and Saab CEO Jan Ake Jonsson were present at the re-opening of the plant where an estimated 100 Saab 9-5 models will be produced daily.

The bonnet of the first vehicle to roll off the assembly line, a silver 9-5, wore a decal reading "Saab 001 of a new era".

"Today's resumption of production is a milestone in the history of our company" said Jan Ake Jonsson, CEO of Saab."We are up and running as an independent manufacturer and I am delighted to share the experience on the line alongside our workforce."They have shown tremendous commitment to the company and we are all now focused on ramping up production to meet customer demand."

Saab sold fewer than 40,000 vehicles last year but aims to make up to 60,000 by the end of 2010, and plans to double that figure by the end of 2011.

Following the re-opening, Muller and Jonsson departed Sweden to visit Saab retailers in other countries to spread the message that Saab is back.

Saab has some 3,400 employees in Sweden, most of whom are based at the Trollhattan plant.