It's a zoo out there: A Gold Coast woman has been fined $9000 for using her car as a mobile kennel for 12 cats and 11 dogs.
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The court heard Ms Carol Lynette Samuels, of Southport, Brisbane kept the animals caged in her vehicle with no access to food, water or a litter tray.

Most of the animals were so tightly caged they were unable to turn around inside their cages.

"RSPCA vets examined the cats and found bodies that were covered in ringworm and numerous bleeding sores,'' the spokesman said."The cats also had severe urine scalding as a result of inadequate areas to toilet and perform normal cat behaviour such as self grooming.''

Its believed the 66 year old woman used the car as lodgings for her pets after being evicted from her $1.5 million Gold Coast home. A former successful cat breeder, Ms Samuels said she used the car to house her animals after running in to hard financial times.

"I'd lost an awful lot and a didn't want to lose my cats as well because they are the only family I've got," she said.

Ms Samuels was convicted of nine charges of breaching the duty of care to animals. The Southport Magistrates Court fined Ms Samuels $4000 for failing to provide appropriate living conditions for the animals. She was also ordered to pay $5000 in costs to the RSPCA.