As undoubtedly one of the rarest car's to come up for sale this year, HRH Queen Elizabeth II's personal Jaguar Daimler Majestic is up for grabs for the bargain price of $120,000.
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Driven by the Queen herself for over three years (between 2001 and 2004), the bespoke vehicle still boasts all of its original features including specially redesigned armrests to accommodate the Queen's handbag and a hidden panel of security lighting.

"This was the Queen's personal car which she drove herself to visit friends and traveling to more low profile official events," a description of the vehicle states."This beautiful Royal car is an opportunity to own a serious and rare collectors car having had one very special and careful lady driver."

The Majestic, finished in a special shade of British Racing Green, also featured a secure telephone line linked to Number 10. Downing Street and the Home Office (no longer in operation). Unique window switches were also installed to stop the wind blowing directly into the Queen's face.

"The Queen had the identical car from 1998 to 2001. She liked the car so much that she wanted the same again, but there were a few things she wanted to change," explains current owner, Peter Radcliffe."When she met with Jaguar she said that when she sat in the back of the car she liked a bit of fresh air, but didn't like the wind to blow directly into her face,"So they installed an extra switch on each of the rear doors to control the windows on the opposite side. It was ingenious,"The Queen also said that when she was accompanied by a passenger, she was worried that she would have nowhere to put her handbag."Jaguar took the normal armrest and added a sliding tray so she could place her handbag on top and push back the tray to hold it in place while the car was moving."

The V8-powered Majestic has only 14,000 miles (22,582km) on the odometer. The car's current owner, a specialist memorabilia dealer, says the vehicle will most likely become part of a collection and hopes it will find a fitting home.

"Nothing in the car has been changed from when it was owned by Her Majesty. It is totally unique," said Mr Radcliffe."I expect this will be bought by a Jaguar enthusiast. I hope that the miles are kept down and it isn't used on a daily basis but it's really up to the person that buys it."

The Queen is known to be a keen driver following her time as a motor mechanic in the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service during WWII.