Renault has fitted its New Master large van with an all-new engine, the 2.3 dCi turbo-diesel.
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The New Master van will feature three versions of the new engine with power outputs of 75kW, 93kW and 112kW, and is available in front- and rear-wheel drive.

Based on the 2.0 dCi (M9R) engine, the new unit will in time also replace other powerplants throughout the Renault-Nissan range including the 2.5 dCi (G9U) and 3.0 dCi (ZD30).

On New Master, the 2.3 dCi engine boasts increased efficiency and lower CO2 emissions which also offering up to 30Nm more torque. Featuring a new seven-hole injection system, the 2.3 dCi takes the technical base of the Renault-Nissan Alliance 2.0 dCi and increases bore and stroke.

Additionally the new unit has also helped reduce servicing costs by attaining longer servicing intervals (now 24 months / 40,000km). The engine is also equipped with a timing chain meaning no more timing belt changes every six years.

Renault estimates these savings will amount to a €1800 (AUD$2660) saving over 150,000km (or four years, whichever comes first).

The Renault New Master vans will be available in Australia from April. For further details, click on this link.