Chrysler have released details of its new V6 Pentastar engine which will eventually be used to replace seven existing six-cylinder units within the Chrysler family.
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Originally codenamed Pheonix, the new 3.6-litre Pentastar V6 will be more powerful and more efficient than the superseded units while also reducing overhead costs for the manufacturer due to significantly improved economies of scale.

“The Pentastar engine is a cornerstone of Chrysler’s efforts to re-invent its business model with strong, brand-focused, world-class quality products,” said Scott Garberding, head of manufacturing, Chrysler Group LLC.

The all-new flex-fuel capable Pentastar V6 uses new technologies sourced from Fiat and can also be turbocharged for added output.

“First offered in the all-new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, launching this year in the United States, our all-new Pentastar V6 engine allows increased flexibility to apply new technologies and enables significant cost savings for the company by substituting previous generation V6 engines,” said Paolo Ferrero, Senior Vice President of Powertrain, Chrysler Group LLC.“By 2014, the new V6 will account for more than a third of our total engine output and contribute to an overall fuel economy improvement of more than 25 per cent.”

Chrysler's new V6 is a DOHC unit featuring a high-pressure die-cast aluminium cylinder block in a 60-degree configuration with high-flow intake and exhaust ports. This design, combined with dual-independent-cam phasing, sees the Pentastar develop an exceptionally flat torque curve along with high specific power.

Chrysler says the engine’s torque exceeds 90 per cent of its peak value from 1800 to 6350 rpm, providing its customers with "outstanding driveability and responsiveness, without the need for premium fuel".

It's expected the first application of the new engine will appear in the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee as a naturally aspirated 216kW / 353Nm offering - 38 per cent more power, 11 per cent more torque and 11 per cent better fuel economy than its predecessor.

The all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee is due to be released in the US towards the middle of this year.