MSO X: Race-inspired McLaren 570S unveiled

Just 10 examples built, all sold already
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McLaren Special Operations has continued its run of limited-edition specials with the MSO X, a race-inspired take on the 570S.

Commissioned by McLaren Newport Beach in California, the ten 570S GT4-inspired road cars were handed to their owners at a special event outside Las Vegas, Nevada, this week.

Although it's still road legal, the rear wing on the MSO X helps it create 100kg more downforce than its more mundane brethren, while the roof scoop helps more efficiently channel air into the car's mid-mounted 3.8-litre V8. Inspired by the F1 GTR Longtail racer, McLaren says the scoop also creates a unique induction roar in the cabin – coupled with a titanium exhaust, it should make for a richer overall sound.

There's no more power, though. The X makes 419kW and 600Nm, as per the regular 570S, for a 3.2-second sprint to 100km/h.

There are unique dive planes and a vented bumper up front, along with an easy-to-access tow strap that, presumably, owners will want to avoid using. The changes continue down back, where the rear wing sits above a reworked rear bumper.

Inside, MSO has pared back the standard Sport Series interior for the track. That means you get carbon shell bucket seats, exposed carbon chassis elements, a carbon-fibre dashboard and special helmet storage on the bulkhead. Along with the regular three-point belts, there are proper six-point harnesses on board.

Air-conditioning, parking sensors, nose-lift functionality and the rear-view camera have all survived the diet, in a nod to the fact some owners will still want to enjoy their cars on the road.

"The MSO X collection is the perfect example of the rich vein of bespoke service offered by McLaren Special Operations," said Jolyon Nash, executive director of global sales and marketing at McLaren.

"Customers come to us with their thoughts and ideas and MSO works with them to set boundaries within which they can then let their imaginations run wild. What could be better than a McLaren buyer playing the role of ‘race engineer’ in briefing the MSO team and directing them to test and validate those ideas to create a race-bred road car such as this?”

Along with the unique aero elements, you'll be able to spot an MSO X by looking for their F1 GTR-inspired paint finishes. The two pictured here are designed to celebrate 1997 F1 GTR Longtail #26R (white, red and blue) and 1995 F1 GTR #01R (black and grey), which finished third and first at Le Mans respectively.

Just 10 examples have been built, and they were all sold through Newport McLaren in the USA, so don't expect to see them on Australian roads.