Hyundai i30 N might offer racetrack warranty

Hyundai is investigating the potential for warranty of its performance cars on the race track in the lead-up to the launch for the i30 N.
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As it stands, plenty of manufacturer warranties sit in a grey area for what is and what isn’t covered for their vehicles that find themselves out on a race track. The majority of manufacturers stipulate strongly that any issues caused by track use will void the car’s warranty. This even applies to performance cars from all manufacturers.

Nonetheless, Hyundai Australia is trying to set a precedent that currently only Porsche and some other super high-end manufacturers offer, warranty on a race track.

Speaking to CarAdvice at the Detroit motor show this week, Hyundai Australia’s chief operating officer, Scott Grant, said that having warranty apply to race track is being investigated at this very moment.

[We are] looking at that right now, we have been seeking a legal view on it just to see what is included in our warranty,” Grant said.

“Particularly in our back to back agreement with Hyundai Motor Company. Because it refers to certain usage aspects of the car and that’s something we are looking at carefully and closely right now.”

If it was to go ahead, it would put the i30 N at a clear advantage over its hot hatch rivals, but offering a peace of mind for buyers that wish to track their cars without fear of voiding their warranty. Nonetheless, even if it does come through, the warranty will not apply if the vehicle has been modified outside of factory-approved performance parts, which Hyundai Australia is keen to bring out of Europe.

Hyundai's local arm seems to acknowledge its N cars will be tracked, and hence believes that some form of warranty would make sense for customers.

“We recognise it’s a key component of the car and an important component of the offering. We don’t have a position on that right now but we are looking into it.”

The Hyundai i30 N goes on sale locally in March, however, Hyundai may be keen to sort out its unique racetrack-ready warranty before the car goes on sale.