The upcoming Hyundai i30 N hot hatch, which is expected to land in showrooms across Australia in March, has garnered the highest level of interest from the general public than any other Hyundai before it.
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Speaking to CarAdvice at the Detroit motor show this week, Hyundai Australia’s general manager of public relations, Bill Thomas, confirmed the high level of interest whilst also stating that it will be the best bang-for-your buck car in its class.

“We had the biggest response for information ever [for i30 N],” Thomas said.

“[It] topped Kona, in terms of people who want information and are interested, number is around 2500 [which is a] record breaker for us. Interest is out there, enthusiasts really understand what that car is and what it represents.”

So far the car has gone on sale in Europe and has been received well, so initial production allocation of the car for that market has already been snapped up.

“The car is selling really well in Europe, they have pretty much sold out of their first year production allocation, I don’t think that production is a problem as such but I know that demand is high.”

For Australia, Hyundai hopes to get around 500 units of the i30 N in the first year, and expects that it will present a better value for money proposition than its direct rival, the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

“We need to make sure it represents value for money, it’s got to have that aspect to the car no matter what price we put on it, so if the price is a little bit higher than the Golf GTI you will see that reflected in the performance and equipment. You’ll find that you’ll be impressed by the price.”

With the Veloster N a possibility for our market, plus future N models of the brand’s SUV all but officially confirmed, Thomas also hinted at the idea of having specialised ‘N’ sections of Hyundai dealerships in the future, in the same way that AMG and Mercedes-Benz are separated in some dealerships.

“That would be more appropriate when there are more types of cars, away from the hot hatch and Veloster, so if you’re speculating about perhaps a Tuscon [N] and Kona [N]. I think when you start shifting the breadth of the brand that’s when you might want to look at a separate AMG style area within dealerships.”

The Hyundai i30 N hatch will be followed by a five-door fastback version - based on the Euro-market i30 Fastback (above) before the end of 2018.