General Motors' hydrogen fuel cell hopes for 2015

Confident in the progress of its next generation hydrogen fuel cell system, General Motors has suggested the technology may be ready for production by 2015.
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GM says the new Gen 2 system is around 100kg lighter than those used to power the ‘Project Driveway’ Chevrolet Equinox test vehicles and uses about one-third of the platinum.

It is also made up of fewer components and is about half the size of the Gen 1, meaning that it can be packaged in a similar space to a four-cylinder engine.

GM is also working on hydrogen storage methods, aiming to team two tanks with the Gen 2 system rather than the three that are currently necessary to operate the Equinox’s fuel cell.

The official word from GM on when we are likely to see this technology in showrooms remains a hazy but optimistic “sooner than you think”.

One thing it is clear on is its commitment to the technology, confirming it has no intentions of abandoning fuel cell technologies heading into the future.